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What is an Exit Intent Popup and How to Use Exit Intent Popups to Increase Sales

What Is An Exit Intent Popup

An exit intent popup is a type of pop up system that tracks a user on your page and prompts a popup when it notices that your visitor is about to leave. That allows you to reach them one more time before they leave.

The pop-up can have multiple uses, but in all cases, exit intent popups can be an important part of getting the most out of your marketing.

By using an exit intent popup, you will be able to increase your conversion rate, which is important especially if you’re using paid marketing to help drive high intent traffic to your website.

When you do paid marketing, you have to think closely about who it is you’re trying to target. When targeting users, you generally start with a buyer persona and a customer profile to go after. If you're in a niche that is not crowded, you can be a little lose with your targeting and do some experimentation with relatively little exposure financially (because ads will be cheap). But if you’re in a competitive field, your competitors will generally be targeting the same groups of people. That means that you will be bidding against each other, and that will drive up the cost of each user acquired. That means you need to maximize each user that comes to your site - and that’s where Exit Intent Popups really shine. Exit Intent Popups increase conversion, decreases cost of acquisition and helps you make more money!

There are multiple ways you can use an exit intent pop-up, Here are a few:

  • Abandoned Cart and/or Finish Checkout reminders - Annexcloud did a study and found that 50%-80% of carts are abandonded. Think about that, more than half of the people that are ready to buy end up not making a purchase. These are "low hanging fruit" and our numbers show that you can recover 20% of those abandoned carts with a well timed exit intent popup (if item in cart)
  • Incentivize Purchase or Returns - You drive a high intent customer to your shop. They look at your product or service, but are about to leave. What do you do? Incentivize them to make a purchase or come back! Exit intent popups can be used to capture a high intent user before they're about to leave, while also making sure that you're not just giving away discounts to users who are willing to pay full price. The studies show that you can actually increase conversions by 3%-5%
  • Capture Emails - As an online business, one of the hardest things to do is to drive customers to your website. Once they're there, you want to retain thse customers. Users of our "fortune wheel" exit intent game see up to a 10x increase in email collection over traditional email collection methods.
  • Teach Customer Somethign Before they Leave - Is there somethign special about your product or service that might get a customer to rethink leaving? Maybe your company has a mission that your customers would care about? Or maybe you want to let your potential customer know about why your product is higher quality than others. It could be anything - but this could be your last shot at keeping them on the site.
  • Ask for Feedback - Your customer is leaving - now would be a good time to find out why. Ask them for feedback right when they're leaving - find out if your product is not compelling, or if it's priced too high, or it has a perceptoin of not being high quality - anything. It can help improve future sales. Studies show you should expect about a 4% response rate.
  • Play a Game or Mix and Match - Lastly - you can often find popups (like Proof Factor's!) that do multiple tings - they can be interactive, they can be games, and it can continue to increase your conversions - don't be hesitant to experiment!

How to Use an Exit Popup

Remembering from above, an exit popup is a type of popup used to keep a high intent user/customer on your page to try and convert them in some way before they leave. That means that, you have to think about what actions users take before they leave your site. The two most straight forward and obvious is based on how long they spend on your site, and if their system that tracks a user on your page and prompts a popup when it notices that your visitor is about to leave. That allows you to reach them one more time before they leave.

When you set up a exit popup, there are a few factors to think about

  • Design - the pop-up should fit your site's look and feel. Check out the image below, 402&Beyond set up their exit intent pop up with their logo, their own text/copy that fits their messaging and a color scheme that goes well with their site.

  • Goal - What do you want your exit popup to accomplish - do you want to increase sales? Do you want to grow your email list? Solicite feedback? Think about what you want your popup to accopmlish, and then select the right incentives (coupon, free shipping, raffle) to get users to do so.

  • Set it up - Once you have your goals down, and the design right, set it up! There are factors like delays in the pop-up (you can set a delay, only showing the popup after a users has been on your site for x seconds), or you can make sure you only show it to a user every 30 days (so you're not annoying them).

  • Launch and Experiment! - Once you're launched, keep track of your results and don't hesitate to experiment.

Now that you know more about exit intent popups - go try one out! You can use Proof Factor's for free (forever) to start experimenting on the budding plan (first 1k unique monthly users are free - no credit card required!). email support@prooffactor.com and mention this article and we'll double your free monthly uniques!

Good luck!

What is an Exit Intent Popup and How to Use Exit Intent Popups to Increase Sales
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